I drink way too much coffee, sing too loud in the car and constantly annoy the father of my children by not changing the toilet roll. 
but You'll happily find me being the third wheel, tagging right alongside you capturing all that wicked, gooey, quirky, crazy, intimate, teasing, heart stopping love stuff. 



Oh, hey there

My heart still skips a beat when i see my husband- even if i do sometimes want to just slap him (Ha! Kidding! Sort of..) I just love everything about love, It gives me all those warm fuzzies especially when i get to be apart of other couples love stories! 
I'm an Otago based photographer but am absolutely all for getting out and about, whether thats in this country or another! Set me free out in nature, thats where i'm at my happiest! I'll jump barefoot into the ocean right alongside you!  


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